Infiltrate Security Conference

APRIL 7-8, 2016

Miami Beach

Exclusive Offense


Speaker Talk
Ray Boisvert Keynote: Abyss or Turning Point: Strategy, Skills and Tradecraft in the Age of 21st Century Warfare (Video)
Alex Ionescu Insection: AWEsomely Exploiting Shared Memory Objects (Video)
Ram Shankar & Sacha Faust Data Driven Offense (Video)
Neil Archibald Modern Objective-C Exploitation (Video)
James Forshaw A Link to the Past: Abusing Symbolic Links on Windows (Video)
Rusty Wagner & Jordan Wiens Hacking Games in a Hacked Game (Video)
Braden Thomas Technical Keynote: Practical Attacks on DOCSIS (Video)
Nathan Rittenhouse Problems in Symbolic Fuzzing (Video)
Joaquim Espinhara & Rafael Silva MIMOSAWRITERROUTER - Abusing EPC on Cisco Router to collect data (Video)
Patrick Wardle Writing Bad@ss OS X Malware (Video)
Jacob Torrey HARES: Hardened Anti-Reverse Engineering System (Video)
Ben Nagy Fuzzing OSX At Scale (Video)


Full schedule (PDF): Day 1, Day 2, bios
Speaker Talk
Richard "Dickie" George Keynote (Video)
Teddy Reed Analytics, And Scalability, And UEFI Exploitation! Oh My! (Video)
Suzanne E. Kecmer A Curious Cyber War: Business Owners vs. Investors (Video)
Christos Kalkanis Python, Deflowered: Shangrila (PDF)


Full schedule (PDF): Day 1, Day 2
Speaker Talk
Chris Eagle Keynote (Video)
Stephen Watt Keynote (Video)
Alberto Garcia Illera Enterprise Malware: There Is Always A Way (Video)
Miguel Turner Exfiltrate (Video)
Esteban Guillardoy Jurassic Jar: Their World, Our Rules (Video)
Zhenhua (Eric) Liu Advanced Heap Manipulation in Windows 8 (Video)


Speaker Talk
Thomas Lim Keynote (mp4)
Andrew Cushman Keynote (mp4)
Alexander Klink
Julian Waelde
Effective Denial of Service attacks against web application platforms (PDF)
Dan Rosenberg A Heap of Trouble: Breaking the Linux Kernel SLOB Allocator (PDF)
Julien Vanegue Modern Static Security Checking For C / C++ Programs (PDF)
Mark Wuergler Secrets in Your Pocket (Prezi, mp4)
Michel Aubizzierre Unearthing the World's Best Bugs (PDF)


Bas Alberts
Massimiliano Oldani
Android Attacks (PDF)
Agustin Gianni
Sean Heelan
Attacking the WebKit Heap (PDF)
Cesar Cerrudo Bypassing Windows Services Protections (PDF)
Ronald Huizer Don't Give Credit: Hacking Arcade Machines (PDF)
Thomas Dullien
Halvar Flake
Exploitation and State Machines (PDF)
Esteban Guillardoy The Listening (PDF)
Tarjei Mandt Modern Kernel Pool Exploitation (PDF)
Jon Oberheide
Dan Rosenberg
Stackjacking Your Way to grsecurity/PaX Bypass (PDF)
Nico Waisman Strategic Surprise (PDF)