Justify Your Trip

Trying to convince your manager to let you attend the INFILTRATE conference? We’ve created a customizable email template you can use to prove the value of your trip.

Dear [your manager’s name] ,

I’d like your permission to attend INFILTRATE, a deeply technical conference that focuses entirely on offensive security issues. The conference takes place at Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami on TBD. This is a single-track, high-end, private conference, which emphasizes technical connections between researchers over the marketing and recruiting blitz that is larger conferences. No press is allowed in, and no name badges are required for attendees - in other words, it’s exactly the opposite kind of conference from BlackHat or RSAC.

Attending this conference will be beneficial for both my personal growth and our company’s knowledge in the following ways:

  • Learning the gritty technical details of some of the most complicated vulnerabilities from the last year, in an intimate setting that allows me to get one on one time with the discoverers and researchers.
  • Seeing what types of vulnerabilities are likely to have major impact over the next near term (for example, the automated domain-traversal technique used by the NotPetya worm was first presented by researchers at INFILTRATE 2015, and in 2018 Jann Horn did an extremely deep dive into the Meltdown/Spectre bugs which he found).
  • Getting one-on-one time with luminaries in the field. Past examples include: former Technical Director of the NSA Dickie George, Chris Eagle, the authors of Binary Ninja, automated exploit development guru Sean Heelan, the iOS exploit world leaders in Keen Team, and researchers like Natalie Silvanovich.

Here’s an estimated breakdown of costs

Domestic airfare estimate       $ 500
Hotel room rates start at         $ 309
Registration fee starts at         $ 1,800
Total Estimated Cost             $ 2,609

After the conference, I’ll circulate a report that will include a summary of what I learned and a set of recommendations to increase our team’s productivity.

Thank you for considering my request to attend this event.

Looking forward to your reply,

[your name]

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