Infiltrate Security Conference

MAY 15-16, 2014

Miami Beach

Exclusive Offense


Hackers like problem solving and no combat sport tickles the brain like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It's often referred to as a game of physical chess. A near infinite exchange of moves and counter-moves interwoven with a deep endgame-focused strategy focused on submitting your opponent.

BJJ at INFILTRATE 2013 was such a great success that we are going to continue it at INFILTRATE 2014. Come and try your hand at one of the most effective combat sports under the supervision of an experienced BJJ blackbelt. BJJ will be held on Wednesday May 14th from 4pm - 6pm EDT in Splash Rooms 5 & 6 of the hotel's conference center. For more information about the BJJ event or to sign up, contact us or join our BJJ mailing list.

Sunrise 10k

Runners and hackers of all levels are welcome to join Immunity for a 10k on Thursday morning starting at 7am EDT (meetup location to be announced). Whether you're looking to get in some cardio or attempt to sweat out Wednesday's mojitos, the sunrise on Miami Beach never disappoints! We will stay alongside the ocean, moving from the boardwalk onto the sand at a group-friendly pace. Beginners will be given stretching and running form pointers (if they like) and everyone will be given water and an exclusive finisher's banana*. Running shoes are required.

* Tylenol and Gatorade available upon request.

BJJ 2013