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William Woodruff

William Woodruff is a senior security engineer at Trail of Bits, contributing to the engineering and research practices in work for corporate and governmental clients. He has developed several of our open-source projects (e.g., twa, winchecksec, KRF, and mishegos). His work focuses on fuzzing, program analysis, and automated vulnerability reasoning. Outside of Trail of Bits, William helps to maintain the Homebrew project, the dominant macOS package manager. Before joining Trail of Bits, he was a software engineering intern at Cipher Tech Solutions, a small defense subcontractor. He has participated in the Google Summer of Code for four years (two as a student, two as a mentor) and taught a class in ethical hacking as a college senior. William holds a BA in philosophy from the University of Maryland (2018).

William Woodruff


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Destroying x86_64 Decoders with Differential Fuzzing
Fontaine Ballroom

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